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Introduction - Over DCC

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia (DCC) was established in November 2002 as an association.

About the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DCC)

Vanaf 2010 bestaat het kantoor van DCC niet meer, dit om kosten te besparen. Wel werken we nog; dit voor aanvragen, wij verlenen geen gratis service maar voor een klein bedrag kunt u op ons rekenen voor o.a. algemene informatie, onze unieke databank en ons geweldig netwerk.

The Dutch chamber of commerce in Macedonia (DCC) is an independent business association founded in November 2002. The DCC is one of the most important organizations that support business relations between the Netherlands and Macedonia. DCC’s mission is to increase competitiveness for its members and to promote the Macedonian and Dutch Business-environment in both countries.

Today, the DCC has more than 90 members representing 11 categories of the business sector, varying from textile to banking & finance, to technology and telecommunications. Membership is open for all corporate companies or individuals who in the past, currently or in the future aim to initiate bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Macedonia.

The DCC has the main aim of promoting ‘Made in Macedonia’ in the Netherlands and vice versa; to configure as a bridge between establishing bilateral relations in the business community for its members

and to assist its members wherever necessary. The DCC can provide its members with consultation assistance in relevance to trade promotion, the investment climate in both countries and the general business industry between the Netherlands and the Balkan region. In addition the DCC facilitates its members and the business community by organizing seminars, bilateral trade events, business network events and round table discussions.

As a member of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia, members have many advantages. Members are given free access to the DCC’s wide network both in the Netherlands and in Macedonia. Members have the opportunity to use the DCC videoconference system of the DCC office and to place free calls to fixed phone numbers in The Netherlands.

All members will receive the annual news magazine; the "DCC Courier." The DCC and the Netherlands embassy have decided to closely cooperate in order to optimize the services for companies looking for business.

For more information interested parties can visit the website of DCC at www.kvkmk.org or can contact the office on working days from 08.00 till 16.00 o’clock on +389 78 245046. Or Dutch number: 020 222 11 49

Application forms can be downloaded  here


Macedonia a small country with great regional business potential!
by Peter J Bosse

Macedonia borders Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Albania and Kosovo, and provides opportunities for business growth, now as it has in the past. Who wants to do business with South East Europe?  They must go through Macedonia   first!

-   >>>Location is just one reason why Macedonia will be there place to locate your business. Macedonian people are friendly, well educated and hard working, and the costs doing business are among the lowest in Europe. It also has the best infrastructure in this part of Europe:  Macedonia has two international airports and is only a couple of hours away from any European main capital. The Macedonian multi-ethnical government is focusing on enabling the business environment and foreign investment is a high priority.>>

 Macedonia is treating investors as business VIPs!  The government is also ensuring
safety on every level in the investment community.   These are not the only good reasons to invest in Macedonia. What is important for you in having the best return on your investment?
- >>>

Good infrastructure! 2 airports, good roads with international
connections, high speed internet, ISDN, wireless internet WADSL covering over 80  percent of Macedonia!
Highly educated employees!  Macedonian has an excellent education system, and has created a talented work force. The connection between business and the universities provides more advantages for employers!

Low wage country! The average salary in Macedonia is still one of the lowest in Europe and will remain that way as Macedonia has almost no inflation and the Macedonian currency, Dennar, has proven to be very stabile.  Other costs, for building, taxes, etc. are also low.

Candidate member of the EU! Macedonia is an official candidate for European Union membership from the beginning of 2006. This gives the potential investor an extra guarantee that laws are getting close to EU laws and that all international warrantees in business agreements will be obtained.
Macedonia is at the final stage of a huge privatization process and more and more monopolistic businesses are rapidly disappearing.

Small country great potential market! All products produced in Macedonia can be exported with no import duties to many surrounding countries! This has been the agreement made in the 1990s between former Yugoslavs several former Soviet Russian countries to eliminate import duties.  Macedonia has low tariff agreements from other countries in the region.

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DCC) will continue to fill in a key role, as it is our vision and goal to do so. We do believe in Macedonia's potential and goodwill towards The Netherlands. Macedonia is a target country for The Netherlands, and Dutch business can also expect strong support from the Dutch government! Macedonia's biggest donor has been the Royal Kingdom of The Netherlands, but still private investment is lagging when compared to the USA, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Israel and others.

With this, we as DCC can help you in finding the right partner, buyer and market. The DCC, represents over 80 serious business members, and is growing.

DCC has the largest business databank that spreads across the surrounding borders! This databank is always available for our members. DCC also has excellent contacts with the Dutch and Macedonian media due to its excellent partnership and years of collaboration between the DCC and the media.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your business growth opportunities.

operation cost in Macedonia

objectives & scope:

   The main objective of DCC is the advancement and support of sustainable, bilateral business relations between The Netherlands and Macedonia.

The scope of the bilateral chamber of commerce is twofold:

- gateway to Macedonia

   DCC functions as a centre for trade information and business development support for the Dutch business community.

- the Netherlands' front-office

   For Macedonia DCC is the first contact with the Dutch business community. DCC acts as a promotional organization for Macedonian business in The Netherlands.

for enquiries to invest/sales or partner search in Macedonia please contact us here Yours sincerely, Peter J Bosse President DCC executive board


Voor informatie over de mogelijkheden voor een Nederlands bedrijf in Macedonië kunt u ons bellen, of mailen  email

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